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eMail marketing in 2017!
With the increasing competition in advertising on Google, Facebook and the likes, the advertising cost is rising quickly.
eMails are becoming the most cost/effective marketing tool again.

You will need the right tools to manage them and the right landing pages to attract them.
email marketing automation
  • Observation: Everybody has an email.
  • Benefit: When you have the email of your customers you can                               reach them without spending more in advertising on                                 Google, Facebook, etc.
  • What you want: More emails of more customers.
  •  What you need is an eMail marketing tool: GetResponse.
eMail Marketing - 15 Tested and Proven Ways
FREE Book on Growing Your Business Online
There is a reason why this one. Maybe you should just read what Tony Robbins says about it.

"A simple process that ANY company can use to geometrically improve their traffic, conversion and sales online."
Tony Robbins
Free Book - DotComSecrets
  • This is not just another ¨How to ¨ book on internet marketing.
  • It is not about getting more traffic to your website.
  • It is not about increasing your conversions.
This is a SHORTCUT!
ALL processes,
funnels and scripts
that is used to scale companies online.
Do You Need A New Shopping Site?
What about setting it up with the easiest e-commerce online shopping platform?

More than 377,500 ambitious people who have sold over $29 billion use Shopify.

Businesses both small and large choose Shopify to sell because of its ease of setup, remarkable features, and industry-leading ability to grow a business.

Try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required.
An incredible platform at $29/month.

Create your own online store
Have You Tried And Failed At
Creating A Landing Page in Wordpress?
You need a real landing page.
  • Benefit: Publish a stunning landing page in less than 10 minutes.
  • Feature: Collect leads automatically.
  • You don't need: tech skills, HMTL expert, wordpress expert,...
Are you ready for the Cadillac of landing pages, sales funnels?
You have a lot of experience with websites, Wordpress, landing pages, etc. You want one integrated solution to sell more.


You just want to go right to the most advanced solution and do an quantum leap over the others that go through all the hassle of learning in the end that this is what they need.

What you need more than a website or a landing page is selling. What you need is a sales funnel with the sales script and all the pages that takes your customers right to buying your products or services.
The Followings Are For The More Advanced Marketers.
Is Your Clickthrough Rate Lower Than It Should?
You are not sure why? The product is great, your offer is great, the price is even better. You have a nice ad designed. Everything looks just fine to you. But do you spend $10,000 and more each day online advertising. Do you run 10 ads or more even for the same products?

If not, your learning curve is much longer than those who do. Would you like to learn from one of them?

Why are people reaching your sales or landing page but not acting on your offer?

Find out why.

Not an eBook, an actual real book.
  •  Test results that will surprise you.
  •   How you can loose 44% of your sales by showing your       order form at the wrong time.
  • What could increase your subscription to your                       newsletter but lower your sales. One test showed an             18% increase in optins but a 31% decrease in sales!!!
  •  This is not guru suggestions. It is 108 split test results.
  •  Including what they concluded and how they run their           tests since.
Copywriting of Sales eMails, Scripts, Landing Pages In Minutes!
Do you hate writing copy!
Do you suck at writing copy?
No more writing copy
Do you feel that the HARDEST part of creating an awesome sales page or email ... is THE COPY.

Yes, the headlines, sales letters / videos, emails, ect...

So - unless you're willing to pay the crazy high fees, it can be REALLY hard / expensive to get good copy done for you.

Well... that is until now!

You can go and see a demo webinar showing you a software program that will actually write you copy for you!!!
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