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Premium Domain Name
  • Authority: This domain name name
    confer an authority.
  •  Quality: Precise and specific.
  • Advertising: Targeted address
                            --> targeted advertising.
Own Your Own Source Of Traffic.
  •  Search engines and Social Media: Are web sites too!
  •  When an Authority site exist: Visitors will bypass the search engine knowing where the info is available.
  • Word Of Mouth and Referrals : Best source of traffic. The recipe that Facebook is growing on.
  •  Save on Advertsing: The traffic coming back to your sites, you don't need to pay per click.
Best Practices
Most businesses have one website. 
They manage ALL their Internet activity through ONE site
indifferently of the variety of customers they serve.
Everybody is listening to
the same marketing tune!
  •  One website is enough headache: 
    IT department
  •  We should invest in our brand name only:
    Marketing department, Advertising Agencies
  • We can buy the keywords traffic on Google : Marketing, Advertising, Agencies, Google...
  •  Today, social media marketing is the key: facebook, linkedin, marketing guru, etc.
Is anybody testing
these assumptions?
  •  One website is enough headache: 
    Isn't the right question: what would be the ROI?
  •  We should invest in our brand name only:
    Seems very down to earth.
    Like there is no other budget going to anything else like production, delivery, etc. 
    Who said that opening a second site is a marketing issue/opportunity only?
  • We can buy the keywords traffic on Google You surely can, forever...
    Recurring traffic is an asset.
    Are you sure you want to leave it to
    Google, facebook?
     Isn't your traffic bigger than what Google sends you? The same happens with keywords vs sites. 
  •   Today, social media marketing is the key: It existed before. Was all your business coming from there before?
If the majority of businesses have only one site
the Largest and Famous brands have many
who should you copy?
Here is a sample of a few leaders in their field
and the additional websites they own.
Audible.com  |  Clothing.com  |  Fabric.com  |  Goodreads.com  |  Zappos.com  |  WholeFoodsMarket.com  |  and more...
FastAccess.com  |  Mobile.com  |  WebHosting.com
Auctions.com  |  Builder.com  |  Buying.com  |  Computers.com  |  Gaming.com  |  Help.com  |  Kids.com  |  Marketplace.com  |
News.com  |  Radio.com  |  Search.com  |  Shopper.com  |  Store.com  |  TV.com  |  and more...
Citi group
Finance.com  |  Mortgage.com  |  StudentLoan.com
Condé Nast
Brides.com  |  Concierge.com  |  Glamour.com  |  Gourmet.com  |  Style.com
Go.com  |  Family.com  |  Kid.com  |  Video.com
HomeAway.com  |  Hotels.com  |  Hotwire.com  |  Trivago.com  |  Trover.com
401k.com  |  Funds.com  |  Retire.com
Getty Image
FreeImages.com  |  iStockPhoto.com  |  Photos.com

Asthma.com  |  Bipolar.com  |  ColdSore.com  |  Depression.com  |  Diabetes.com  |  Heartburn.com  |  Reflux.com  |
SkinInfection.com  |  ToothBrush.com
Motorcycles.com  |  Scooter.com
Over 150 Brands. Visit their website to see their list.
Banking.com  |  Payroll.com
Johnson & Jonhson
Baby.com | Cancer.com | Cholesterol.com | GetWell.com | Hepatisis.com | Obesity.com | Pregnancy.com |
Beverages.com  |  Bologna.com | Dessert.com | Dinners.com | EatingHealthy.com | LowFat.com | Mayonnaise.com  |
Pickles.com |  Puddings.com  |  Sauces.com
Cavities.com  |  Clean.com | Condition.com | Conditioner.com | DentalCare.com | Dentures.com | Dishes.com  |
Laundry.com |  Nails.com  |  ShowerGel.com  |  Tissue.com  |  Toothpaste.com  |  Towels.com
Data.com  |  Database.com  |  Desk.com  |  Force.com  |  Site.com  |  Social.com  |  Work.com
Eat.com  |  PeanutButter.com  |  Sauce.com  |  Softener.com  |  Soup.com  |  Surf.com
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